The New Digiindie.Com



Since April 20th, 2012 Digiindie has provided hundreds of Independent Artists, Filmmakers & Models a platform to be seen next to the most popular mainstream acts of our time. With nothing but grassroots promotion and pure talent, we have amassed almost a half a million visits and continue to rise everyday. Each day we are encouraged to find new ways to offer “independent creatives” new outlets to be seen and heard.

With the recent release of our first compilation mixtape LP, RADIO we believe it is time to take  the next step. With our critically acclaimed, chart topping free mixtape on the rise and many more projects in the works, we are ready to step up to the next level. Digiindie has now becomes it own self-hosted brand and will offer even more services, products and promotional outlets to help give rise to the often unheard, unseen talents of the independent nation.

We sincerely thank every single person who has liked, commented, listened, viewed, shared or otherwise supported Digiindie. It is truly a website for the people, by the people. Be sure to check out the new official DIGIINDIE.COM, launching Sept 21st, 2013!